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Welcome to The Turing Way!

Check out this welcome page for more information about our guides, how to contribute, community calls, upcoming events, and more!

Remember: The Turing Way is not meant to be read from start to finish. Start with a concept, tool or method that you need now, in your current work. Come back as you need to.

Want to edit the guides?

If you want to dive right in to editing the book, check out a Pull Request or Issue on the Github repository. Use the tags to navigate through the issues and pull requests. Ones tagged "good first issue" or "good first PR" are a great place to start.

Join a community call

There are always lots of events happening in The Turing Way Community, from Fireside Chats to Collaboration Cafes, to Translation & Localisation Meetings and Book Dashes, and more... Check out each link to learn more about each type of community call.

The Turing Way Practitioners Hub

A dark blue banner with purple, pink and yellow gloss on the right. The banner has UKRI - Innovate UK BridgeAI logos. "Register your interest: The Turing Way Practitioners Hub 2024/2025 cohort" is written in big letters.

🚀 The Turing Way Practitioners Hub is inviting Expressions of Interest from organisations and SMEs engaged in data science and AI to join its second cohort of Experts in Residence (EiRs). With a focus on implementing best practices in data science and AI initiatives in their own organisations, practitioners from various sectors will engage in this cohort-based programme between September 2024 and February 2025.

📅 Apply by 30 May 2024

🌐 Experts in Residence will have the opportunity to engage with other domain experts, exchange knowledge and build a long-term strategy for scaling their efforts using industry best practices in data science and AI. They will be supported to implement open source, open data, cross-sector collaboration, research reproducibility and ethical approaches in their organisation’s workflow, enhancing the quality, viability and real-world impact of AI technologies through their work.💬 The Turing Way Practitioners Hub, supported by Innovate UK BridgeAI, is more than a forum—it's a dynamic space for industry practitioners to collaborate on cutting-edge open AI and data science practices.Don't miss out on to express your interest in being a part of the second Cohort!

We are also accepting interest from individuals to join our network of advisors who will engage with our project and cohort activities.

Advisors will bring real-world expertise that can benefit small and medium enterprises interested in implementing best practices in data science and AI initiatives in their organisations.

Join our Quarterly Community Forum: Learn more about governance and community projects (every quarter, times vary)

Join an Onboarding Call: last week of month, every two months (times vary)

Join a Collaboration Cafe: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays (15:00-17:00 UTC)

Join a Translation & Localisation Meeting: every other Thursdays (15:00-16:00 UTC)

Join an Accessibility Working Group Meeting: every second Monday monthly (17:00 UTC)

Join an Infrastructure Working Group Meeting: every second Thursday monthly (16:00 UTC)

Join our upcoming Book Dash!

A hand drawn scriberia image in pink and greyscale populate the right side of the digital flier. There is a hand-drawn globe featuring markers and text bubbles in different geographies, connected by a pink dashed line as if communicating with each other. On the right side of the globe is a path where people are writing on computers and on paper, with the dashed line following them. The line continues to show a person reviewing text and writing, which converges into books. The flier holds information about Book Dash Applications.

Book Dashes are our bi-annual contribution event, usually planned for every May and November!

Apply to join us and:

- meet members of the community from around the world

- work on a project within The Turing Way project (a new chapter, language translation, infrastructure maintenance, and more!)

-learn more about ongoing projects within the community - like that of our working groups!

The next Book Dash will take place on 3-7 June 2024!

Want to give a Turing Way talk?

Want to give a Turing Way talk in 2024? This year, we would love to support people that haven’t given a Turing Way talk before to share the project in their own contexts & communities... If you're asking "Can I do it?" that usually means that you definitely should!

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